E-Commerce Executive

•To identify, develop, implement and evaluate marketing and communicate strategies in line with company¡¯s vision.
• Responsible for monitoring, controlling and to enhance all the aspect of E ¨C Commerce businesses and to oversee day to day operation of E-Commerce businesses.
• Work closely with sales call operation or design department regarding design and content, navigation, functionally and marketing performance.
•Able to build relations with internal or external business partners.
•Deliver good online marketing communication and evaluate on the effectiveness to the social media content that improve advertising effects to achieve the advertising effects for achieving high sales or turnovers.
•To ensure for achieving the KPI¡¯s set by superior.
•Any ad hoc task as assigned by superior.

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Production Leader

•Verify component on work order to ensure correct number of component are available for production.
•Ensure all employees abide by the safety regulation.
•Responsible to keep production line clean of any debris at all times.
•Review work order line clean for production instruction.
•Assign work to Line Workers.
•Train Line Workers on the procedure to production product per assigned role for the day.
•Report production issue to Production Supervisor or Production Manager as needed.
•To achieve KPI that been given at all section. (Prod Line Leader)
•Ensure all operator follow the SOP at each section department.
•Able transfer to customers or clients side for rectification duty purposes.
•Ensure each department are doing 5S (all section) all the time.
•Responsible for ensuring product quality in good condition and no rejection issue happen.
•Any ad hoc task as assigned by superior.

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Production Operator

•Ensure that production will be carried on smoothly to maximize efficiency and profit.
•Setup the production equipment and supplies before executing the job order.
•Operate equipment safely and effectively for production process.
•Ensure that equipment is maintained in good and safe working condition.
•Inspect equipment to identify any replacement, malfunction and repair.
•Perform regular equipment maintenance to ensure production capacity and quality.
•Provide assistance to Junior Operator in their assigned responsibilities.
•Repair and clean the equipment when needed.
•Work under the guidance of Supervisor to perform and complete the assigned duties in timely manner.
•Follow the safety procedure and company policy for equipment operation.
•Recommend process improvement to enhance operation to Supervisor immediately.
•Maintain the work area clean, safe and organized.
•Ensure KPI% is achieved for every each department on section.
•Any ad hoc task as assigned by superior.

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Mechanical Engineer

•Project management : plan,budget,oversee and document all
aspects of the related equipment operational.
•Alter and modify project to meet requirements and eliminate
•Develop manufacturing processes by modifying equipment for
fabricating, building, assembling,and installing components.
•Identify, formulate and produce effective solutions to emerging
•To involved technical support and coordinate with related
•Keeps equipment operational by coordinating maintenance and
repair services; following manufacturer¡¯s instructions and
established procedures; requesting special services
•Coordinate with Mandarin speaking manufacturer and provide technical support/developing methods to company.
•Conduct equipment operational¡¯s overall performance,failure analysis,reliability and safety.
•Any ad hoc task as assigned by superior.

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Graphic Designer

•Cultivate a solid body of work.
•Take the design to record requirement and client¡¯s needs.
•Schedule project implementation and define budget constraint.
•Work with a wide range of media and use graphic design software.
•Think creatively and develop new design concept, graphic concept, graphic and layout.
•Prepare rough draft and present idea.
•Amend final design based on client¡¯s comment and gain full approval.
•Work as part of a team with sales coordinator, designer and executive.
•Quantity artwork to aim.
•Responsible to meet the KPI¡¯s set by superior.
•To learn CMYK knowledge.
•Sample printing to customers.
•Any ad hoc task as assigned by superior.

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Account Executive(AP cum Inventory Controller)

•Create and maintenance of vendor¡¯s account.
•To check, verify and update vendor¡¯s Invoice, Debit Note (DN), Credit Note (CN) (in terms of pricing, quantity, SST type, SST exemption cert, purpose of purchase, etc.).
•Ensure processing of payment (verify with Vendor¡¯s Statement) in timely basis as per credit term.
•Ensure all recurring payments to be posted into system time and payments made are up-to-date.
•Prepare and review creditor¡¯s aging report during month end closing, identify and resolve any long outstanding balance and debit balance.
•Ensure all supplier invoices are received on time, liaise with suppliers on unresolvable Account Payable issues, such as outstanding documents (i.e. Invoice, DN, CN, Statement of Account, etc.).
•Prepare payment for monthly fixed expenses - such as utilities bills (TNB, TM, SAMB), other telecommunication bills, legal retainer fee, maintenance fee, etc.
•Daily monitoring company email and feedback to any inquiries as promptly as possible.
•Maintain and manage proper filing of accounting document.
•To prepare SST filing to custom Department such as Laporan CJ(P) Form, quantity reducing report.
•Create and maintenance of trade / non-trade stock.
•Monitor stock movement, stock usage, stock balance and stock value from time to time.
•Perform duties to support other departments¡¯ daily activities.
•Any ad hoc task as assigned by superior.

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